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Chinese build solar power plant in Vranje

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The biggest private Chinese company,which  builds plants for the production of renewable energy sources will build the first solar power plant in southern Serbia in Vranje, said on Wednesday the Deputy Mayor of Vranje Boban Stankovic.

As Stankovic told the Beta news agency,  Chinese company signed a cooperation agreement and signing of the project to build a solar power plant is scheduled for 12 September this year.

“The Chinese company will build a solar power plant the total output power of five megawatts, at four locations – in the Kriva  Feja, Babina Poljana , Gornje  Žapsko and location of the landfill Meteris. The total value of the project is 300 million euros, after its completion, Vranje will have a source of power supply volume of a thermal power plant, “said Stankovic.

He said the first phase of the project includes construction of solar power plants at four locations on a total of 500 hectares, while the second phase should build factories and solar panels.

“Upon completion of this project and some roofs of residential buildings in Vranje will be covered by solar panels, solar energy production for household needs,” said Stankovic.



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