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Capacity Buildup of Thermoelectric Power Plants
and Intense Use of Water Resources for Power Generation

Since the production of electricity in the Republic of Serbia depends upon the operation of thermoelectric power plants it will be necessary to build up the capacity of the existing plants (in the Kolubara and Kostolac basins) and develop new ones. Thus, in the forthcoming period, the project of the Kolubara B thermoelectric power plant of 700 MW installed power will be completed, a new thermoelectric power plant in Kovin will be constructed, the thermoelectric power plants Kostolac A and Nikola Tesla Obrenovac B3 unit will be constructed,as well as the overhaul of Djerdap 1 hydroelectric power plant. This will create a base for the development of other economic sectors since the electrical and machine industry will supply the equipment needed and will have to master new technologies through cooperation with enterprises from all over the world.



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