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Gas price won’t go up in Serbia until October

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In the AERS  said that they will soon give its opinion at the request of Srbijagas, to gas subsets by an average of 15.3 percent, but, as noted, the final decision on this fuel price increase will be given by the Government of Serbia.

“The new gas prices, if the Serbian government give  consent can not be implemented until October 2011. Because at the same time they must make decisions on prices for customers and all other 35 gas distributor, which sells the energy Srbijagas, and this procedure requires additional time “,said in the AERS.

In the Energy Agency, which is an independent regulatory body, it is said that Srbijagas proposed increase in  gas prices for households of 11.1 percent for the medium pressure heating plants 12.1 percent, and for other tariff customers between11.9 and 16, 5 percent.

“These price changes do not apply to qualified buyers who spend over 40 percent of the total gas in Serbia and  while they are  in this status, they are free to negotiate gas prices,” explained in the AERS.

Srbijagas General Director Dusan Bajatovic said earlier that gas in Serbia  will probably go up  by 15 percent and by 10 to 12 percent for households, emphasizing that really should subsets for about 30 percent, but that the Serbian government would not allow it, because thereby undermine macroeconomic stability.


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