Hungary: Solar capacity reached 5.5 TW

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The total solar power capacity in Hungary has exceeded 5,500 MW in the first days of November. 3,300 MW of installed capacity network has been connected to the Hungarian electric network in industrial solar power plants and more than 2,200 MW in household photovoltaics systems. The increase in solar capacity over the first ten months amounted to 1,500 MW.

Capacity growth in 2023 will almost certainly exceed last year’s record by more than one and a half times.

The figures also show that there are already more than 245,000 systems under 50 kW in operation in Hungary, compared to the 200,000 planned by 2030. The previously targeted 6,000 MW of solar capacity could be in production in 2024.

The Government will launch the Solar Energy Plus Program in early 2024 to encourage the installation of modern solar panels and storage systems in order to further promote the use of green energy. The 199-million-euro tender will provide nonrefundable support to families.

From mid-January, domestic companies can also apply for funding to improve the flexibility of the electricity system. Companies will be eligible for investment aid and revenue compensation under the recently published 164-million-euro public call.

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