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Serbian-German trade increases

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In the first seven months of 2011, the trade between Serbia and Germany reached EUR 1.5 billion, reflecting a 22 percent increase year-on-year, Vice President of the Serbian Chamber of Commerce (PKS) Mihajlo Vesovic said on Monday.

At a joint meeting between representatives of the German state of Saarland and Serbia, Vesovic said that exports from our country amounted to EUR 550 million, while imports equalled EUR 880 million.

“These data suggest an upward trend. The fact that the Serbian export grows slightly faster than the import is also encouraging,” Vesovic said, voicing expectation that in 2011 the trade between the two countries will exceed that of 2008, when the financial crisis started.

The PKS vice president underlined that Germany is Serbia’s most important trading partner in the EU, and that 360 German companies are already running their businesses in Serbia.

According to Vesovic, one of the recent polls showed that German investors are satisfied with the business climate in our country.

“We got a satisfactory answer. They qualify their business results as positive, and said that they hold great expectations regarding future achievements,” Vesovic said.

He underlined that these findings are rather significant, since Serbia is relying to a great extent on German companies in metal and energy industries, in terms of investments and technology.

The German delegation comprises 19 companies mainly from the domains of mining, energy, metal, electric industry, civil engineering, wood industry, telecommunications and consulting.

The German state of Saarland, which is located near the border between Germany and France, is known as one of the biggest pit coal mining areas.



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