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Small hydro power plants – a significant potential

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Increase electricity production from renewable energy sources in all countries is a priority, as it contributes significantly to environmental protection, reduce emissions and increase energy efficiency. Potentials of Serbia for the production of electricity from renewable energy are small, and since Serbia is rich hydro potential, the ability to produce electricity from hydro power plants, especially small, is great.

Electrical Industry of Serbia plans revitalization of 17 old and construction of 18 new small hydro plants, total capacity of 80 megawatts, in what should be invested 80 million euros and is expected to be part of the same project, about 45 million euros, should be secured from the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development. The rehabilitation and modernization of some small hydro in the EPS are thought previously, and recently the EBRD delegation visited several sites where these plants could build, or to revitalize existing.

So soon, namely in September this year, should be built and put into operation hydropower plant Prvonek “Banjska the river, near Vranje. In this project EPS plans to invest 1.4 million euros, and it is planned that this hidrolektarna has two power units of 100 and 800 kilowatts and annual output of 2.5 to three million kilowatt – hours.

Construction and commissioning of small hydro, really should start a business for the future – increasing the number of such plants to produce electricity. The most recent annual production from hydro power plants in Serbia is about 10.5 billion kilowatt-hours, the potential for additional production range from seven billion kilowatt-hours, and from small hydro could get $ 1.8 billion kNJh.

However, it should be noted that the production of electricity from renewable energy sources more expensive than conventional, and that this is one of the reasons was less prevalent than they are able. At the same time, producing the so-called “clean power” are increasingly interested private investors, as experts suggest, is expected to be of great interest, because the state provides incentives for such production.

Serbia has great potential to generate electricity from small hydro power plants is confirmed by the fact that the rivers in Serbia there are 856 surveyed locations where they could be built mini hydro power to 10 megawatts. However, the potential of small power plants is currently under-utilized. Up to now,

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