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Tadic: Delhaize example of a job well

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Serbian President Boris Tadic said on Wednesday that the arrival of the Belgian company Delhaize Group and other investors in Serbia has to be used for the promotion of manufacturing, business and cultural capacities of the country.

Speaking about the meeting he had with the Board of Directors and Executive Committee of the Belgian company, Tadic noted that Delhaize Group is an example of a job well done. As he put it, Delhaize Group is one of the largest international companies and at the same time an important foreign investor, in view of its possibilities to boost export of Serbia’s agricultural products to all the countries in which it operates.

He said that the meeting was organized for the first time in Serbia. What they told me is that they are very surprised with potentials for development in Serbia, the president said.

Tadic also noted that the conclusion can be drawn from the talks that Serbia has not done enough in terms of presenting itself to the world. Delhaize officials also concluded that the 1990s had an impact on Serbia’s negative image, and that we have to change that jointly, he added.

Tadic conferred with the representatives of the Belgian retail company about their business, but also about how to reduce margins as soon as possible.




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