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Tent’s power plant unit six met the annual production plan

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The unit six at thermal power plant „Nikola Tesla A“ in Obrenovac, whose nominal capacity was increased by 40MW last year, met in late October the annual production plan, delivering more than two billion kilowatt hours of electricity.

Tent’s unit six fulfilled the plan on 26 October when it delivered 2billion and 6 million kWh of electricity to the power system of Serbia despite the fact that the production of this thermal unit was planned to be increased by 7% compared to 2010- said Mr. Klasnic, director of TENT A.  

Such a high production is primarily the result of excellent technical preparedness of the unit and its reliable operation throughout the year, Mr. Klasnic said and added that by the end of the year it is expected to deliver about 400 million kWh of electricity.

 This will be the transfer by balance of planned production for this year for more than 20%- Klasnic said.

The unit A6 is the first thermal plant in Serbia whose nominal capacity was increased from 308MW to 348MW. During the first phase of that project, in 2008, the unit was revitalized and prepared for the second phase, i.e. for the increase of capacity of 40MW which was done in 2010.

Revitalization and increase of unit capacity cost over EUR100 million, and the whole project is considered the most complex technical undertaking ever done in the Electric Power Industry of Serbia.


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