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The power plant Nikola Tesla B capital overhaul began on Unit B2

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Another 620megawatt generator in power plant Nikola Tesla B from 14 May is outside of the power system, the realization of capital overhaul is underway.

In the next four months overhaul on B2 will be done through a very complex and extensive procedures. Among the most important activities is primarily the reconstruction of electrostatic precipitators ESP. That work is largely financed by donations from the European Union. The contract for part of the work financed by donations is entrusted to the Polish Rafako, with local companies sub-contractors Gosaassembly and IZOPROGRES. The obligation of TENT is the creation of sedimentary electrode, supply transformers, removal of equipment and works on the key contributions of electrostatic precipitators. After reconstruction of the ESP on Unit 2, particulate emissions will be reduced to below 50mg/Nm3 in flue gas, which is in accordance with national and European norms.

In addition to standard operations, other capital repairs and reconstruction are planed: the grid for afterburning, slag system, replacement of superheater, inter heaters 1 and 3 as well as extensive alterations to the pneumatic transport of ash and slag in order to restore the equipment to the projected level and with minor modifications. Significant replacement on parts of the boiler pipe system will be implemented by Feromont and Termoelektro, a supplier of tubular elements is

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