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Three international companies interested for Hydro power plants on upper Drina river

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Assistant to Minister of industry, energy and mining of Republika Srpska, Mr. Milan Bastinac stated that three companies fulfilled the deadline for delivery of necessary documentation.

“Banking guaranties on million euro are submitted before the deadlines and they are valid as well as the other necessary documentation that was submitted “, stated Mr.Bastinac to the press.

He thanked the companies for expressing the interest on project participation.

Representative of German company RWE Milan Zuban underlined that this company is the business of energy sector for more than 100 years.

Argiros Nomikos, representative of Greek Electric Power Company stated that this company for the second time submits the offer for involvement in energy project of upper Drina river

“Our company is the biggest in Greece and one of the Balkan leaders in the energy sector. Annually we produce 30 thousands MW of electricity “, stated Mr. Nomikos.

Assistant to Ministry Ms.Slavica Bogdanovic explained that the interested bidders for project realization has to have consolidated basic capital of at least three billion euro.

“Interested company needs to have realized consolidated income from energy activity, in the last three year, at least five billion euro, but also to have in ownership or coownership energy facilities of output power of 2.000 MW and finally to possess the necessary 250 million euros for construction in the period of five years”, explained Ms. Bogdanovic who also explained that the project will be realized by foundation of concession company .

Invitation to all interested parties for strategic partnership on this project was published on 28th of june and deadline for application and submission of documentation was extended until 11th of august this year.

In april this year, the Government of Republika Srpska issued decision on conditions, criteria

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