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AD Plastik sets up plant in Serbia

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Croatian automotive parts moulder AD Plastik plans to launch a new production plant in Serbia.

The company is also relocating its existing Russian plant in Luga near St Petersburg, south east to the automotive industry centre of Kaluga south of Moscow. The new subsidiary, ZAO ADP Kaluga is to launch production in May next year, supplying car manufacturers including Renault and PSA.

Initially, the facility is due to make cable insulation and interior parts for Renault’s Russian joint venture car manufacturer Avtoframos. Interior car components will include head liners and floor covering, according to AD Plastik.

In Serbia, Solin, Croatia-based AD Plastik is purchasing a 24,000 m² site in Mladenovac near the capital Belgrade with a 13,000 m² building area, along with machinery and other equipment. This plant is set to go into operation at the beginning of 2012, the firm said.

AD Plastik has signed a contract to supply interior plastic components for Fiat’s new ‘LO’ model which it plans to start assembling next year at its plant in the Serb city of Kragujevac. Next year, the Fiat factory plans output of 27,000 vehicles while in 2013 it has a target of 120,000, said the parts supplier.

In the medium term, the Mladenovac parts plant is expected to supply other auto manufacturers in Romania, Hungary and Slovakia. In 2013, the Kaluga unit will begin injection moulding components.

Apart from a plant in Solin, AD Plastik has two other facilities close to the Croatian capital Zagreb. It also operates plants at Mioveni, Romania; in Novo Mesto, Slovenia and in Samara, Russia.

The company makes other plastic products including thin wall packaging containers, injection moulded caps and blown bottles, stadium seating and garden products. It also uses extrusion, thermoforming and in mould labelling techniques.

In 2010, AD Plastik recorded an annual net profit which rose from €2.1m the year before to €7.2m on turnover up nearly 32% at €116m.



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