Steel & Aluminium Sourcing

Near sourced metal/steel/aluminum and similar-related manufactoring to Serbian companies already having proven track record on EU markets. Our clients and partners have resources hubs with skilled workers already experienced in delivery of most demanding steel/alu structures to clients and partners from Europe and wider.

Outsourcing to third markets in Asia or similar ended for majority of European companies, reasons are known to all analytics,investors and corporate management level. NearSourcing is the New Deal for EU markets. Near-Sourcing to Near-Market like Serbia which holds the central position in a region with untapped business potentials makes the delivery time shorter with same/higher level of quality delivered.

Our Serbian steel business network already is gaining not only the near-sourced contracts but also new partnership and investors into Serbian facilities, new JV are formed with increased level of cooperation.

Contact us for more information and networking with our partners for your site visit to our production facilities.

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