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Banatski dvor gas storage provides reliability of Russian gas supplies

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Underground gas storage Banat court, in Serbia ensures the reliability of Russian gas supplies in South East Europe, announced yesterday at the directorate of information Gasrpom, after meeting the president of the company, Alexei Miller, with director of the company Srbijagas Dusan Bajatovic.

Both sides reviewed the current issues related to the implementation of strategically important joint projects.

Development cooperation of Gasprom and Srbijagas in the construction of gas pipeline Juzni tok, and underground gas storage Banat court,  has received high mark,said in a statement.

The meeting also noted that the commercial exploitation of underground storage, which began on 1 October, contributing significantly to increasing the reliability of Russian natural gas deliveries to Serbia and Southeast Europe.

Gasrpom in 2010th  delivered to Serbia 2.1 billion cubic meters of natural gas. Its involved in transportation, distribution 

and storage of gas in Serbia, engaged in a joint venture enterprise Srbijagas with Serbian state.



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