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Benetton to employ another 900 workers in Nis in 2012

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Benetton Serbia CEO Flavio Simonetti said today in Nis that that company was going to employ about 900 workers in 2012 and the total of 2,000 people until the end of 2013.

Accompanied by journalists from Nis and Nis Mayor Milos Simonovic, Simonetti visited facilities on the grounds for the former factory Nitex, the location where the Italian company plans to open a factory.

Benetton in Nis currently employs about 150 people at one building where they produce sweaters.

Simonetti said that Benetton would have about 40,000 square meters of space in Nis reconstructed and another about 25,000 square meters built.

– The destiny of the workers of Nitex does not depend on us, we have only bought the location without promising anything to the workers. We are interviewing some of them for a job, but most workers at our factory will be young people because complete production is much different from the one at Nitex – said Simonetti.

Workers currently working at Benetton in Nis are employed at Benetton’s partner companies.

Nis Mayor Milos Simonovic said that Benetton would hire 2,000 people within the period of three years, adding that the company’s plan was to employ a total of 2,700 workers within the next four years.

– I am more than satisfied with the rate at which the Benetton project is being implemented. Cooperation with this company has an extension as well, and I expect them to choose another location outside the complex of Nitex for another factory within the next ten days – said Simonovic.



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