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Biggest environmental project in serbian power gen sector, fgd solves the sulphur from power plants

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By the end of 2011, the tender could be finished, the contract signed and the technology for the construction of flue gas desulphurization plant (FGD) selected in the Thermal power plant “Nikola Tesla” (TENT), all worth €248 million – said its director Petar Kneževic.

FGD plant TENT in Obrenovac will be the largest environmental project ever carried out in Serbia, and to be financed by Japanese loan, worth around €250 million, which earlier this year was agreed with that country.

The loan must be verified by the Government and then by the Parliament if these €250 million are to be approved. At the same time it’s been worked on the selection of consultants for establishment of procedures for tender- says  Kneževic.

Bidding will be open and all interested companies will be able to compete, Kneževic said, adding that, in parralel, the feasibility study and environmental impact made by the company „Energoprojekt“, Mining Institute  and the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering in Belgrade are being underway.

The money from the loan, as Kneževic expects, could be available immediately after the Serbian parliament approves it, that is by the end of 2011.

After that, in the first couple of months next year, tender for contractors and suppliers will be launched, and we can expect, at best, that the construction of the ecological plant starts in mid 2012- Kneževic concluded.

Environmental program TENT

Ecological modernization program, based on a study of environmental impact, lasts for 10 years and includes:

  • preparation of project documents
  • upgrade of electrostatic precipitators
  • change of ash transport and disposal systems
  • change of the wastewater management system
  • flue gas desulphurization
  • complete monitoring of emission and imission
  • implementation of  ISO 14.000 standard in the environmental management system

For the realization of ecological modernization it is necessary to provide €500 million, of which €300 million is for desulphurization. The second phase of ecological modernization includes reduction of nitrogen oxides (NOx) emission as well. This will be done by the reconstruction of boiler furnaces.




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