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Billion for the repair of district heating

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Preparations for the new heating season in the “Belgrade power plants” are being finalized. In this year’s overhaul, which began in May, has invested about one billion dinars, which is, as pointed out in the utility company,  was necessary to prepare the system for the upcoming season which starts on 15th  October.

According to Vladan Pavlovic, assistant director general, of “Belgrade’s power plants” are in the final phase of  repairs on the boilers “VK 5” and “VC 7” in heat plant “Novi Beograd”,”VK 2″ of heat plant “Stari Grad”, “TC 4” and “VK 5” of heat plant “Zemun”.

Repairs are  made in the boiler rooms “Borca”, “Višnjicka banja”, “Sremcica”,”Drenovacka”, “Stjepan Filipovic”, “Brace Maric” … and their total value is 100 million dinars – said Pavlovic. -Modernization of power plant “Mirijevo” continued, in what was invested 60 million dinars, and replacement of thermal networks in New  Belgrade is also underway, whose total value is estimated at 110 million dinars. Also, the new network is built in Zemun on the stretch Zemun-Vrtlarska,and in Ugrinovacka street, which will, among other things, be able to connect KBC “Zemun” and a new center,of  “Posta” on the district heating system.

According to Pavlovic and one of the most important projects is the reconstruction of the main heating pipe M6 under the bridge Gazela in the length of 1,000 meters. : a larger pipes with better thermal insulation  will be installed , which will allow expansion of area heating plants “Novi Beograd” and at the other bank of the Sava – Pavlovic said.  – This will allow the connection of the three separated distribution network – plant “Dunav”, “Konjarnik” and “Novi Beograd”,and development of the system in three directions:’’Gazela-Prokop’’,’’Prokop-Autokomanda’i ‘’Prokop-Senjak’’,and fire of local boiler rooms.

According to our source, modernization of the primary substations is ongoing. So far it has modernized 95 percent, or about 7,000. Upon completion of the upcoming heating season remains modernization of about 100 substations with a heating area “Galenika”, “EI” and “Vojna akademija” and “Centar visokih vojnih skola.”

“Elektrane” heat 21 million square meters, of which 16,527,590 square meters of housing, and 4,394,410 square meters of office space. This utility company heated a total of 300,000 households.

New connections

From 1 September 2010th  to 1 September 2011th “Beogradske elektrane” joined all 364 new buildings and build 283 new substations with 216,781 square meters of housing and 58,186 square meters of office space. In previous years the average was 600,000 square meters.


Increasing of heating prices, according to Vladan Pavlovic, depends exclusively  on the decision of the City council, despite the increase in energy prices and other factors that influence on its formation.

– The price of energy accounts for as much as 65 percent in the cost of the company -said Pavlovic. – Artificial maintenance of heating rates is not good because after that it must occu r rapidly to increase, as recently when “jumped” by 30 percent.


The tenders for the renovation of distribution of electric power plants (110/35 kV)and a heat exchanger station in the heating plant “Novi Beograd”,are in progress and tender for construction of a new boiler in the heating plant “Konjarnik”.

The tender procedure began and for  the construction of the main heating pipes from the heating “Vozdovac” in order to connect new settlement which should be built on the territory of the former barracks “Stepa Stepano


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