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Biomass heating plant

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Although there were a lot of resistance and obstruction, Velika Plana will still get another production plant, but the biomass power twice per 2.5 megawatts, worth one million euros, 700 meters and hot water, worth 200,000 euros.

The Municipal Assembly has decided to call a public tender for the assignment of production and delivery of heat to the biomass, ie, the straw of wheat and barley. This will be an additional capacity for central heating, with the existing heating plants to natural gas. The project is a proposed Regional Chamber of Commerce and presented by the company from Slovakia, which is interested to invest.

The construction of power plants using biomass, which will be one of the first in Serbia, there is possibility to connect new customers, especially households, apartment buildings, institutions, public enterprises and the economy, which now can not use central heating from the existing heating plant said Dejan Sulkic.

He emphasizes that it is much cheaper central heating. So the price for heating with biomass for citizens was 52 dinars per square meter, while the heating of gas currently pays 65 dinars per square meter. For a two bedroom apartment of 65 square meters per year savings would be about 10,000 dinars. The local government that pays heating budget‘s saved the annual seveneight million, and costs less to have and the economy. Prices would approve of the municipality and would not change the first two years.
The municipality of Velika Plana was the raw material base for new plants. It takes about 600 acres of wheat or barley, and 3,500 hectares sown. Biomass would be purchased from farmers for 90-100 euros per hectare, the average litter quality and quantity, and that, ex-field, without baling and pressing.

Investor biomass plants will complete the job of central heating to take a period of twenty years. After that, the plant with the necessary infrastructure, built on this contest become property of the municipality said Dejan Sulkic.


Besides the heating plant to natural gas, the investor will assume all employees in the JP, while the heating plant to biogas to hire a dozen new workers.

Salon & Service

Potential investors from Slovakia intends to Velika Plana opens showroom for biomass boilers, which would be produced in Smederevo, and service center for maintenance of boilers. With the heating plant to build the hall for the processing and production of biomass briquettes materials for industrial use and household.



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