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Biomass resources in Serbia

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Serbia Energy produced different reports on biomass and co generation sector potentials. Contact us for more details.

A great part of the Serbian economy is based on agricultural pro duc ion and agricul ture related industry. The northern part of Ser bia, the province Vojvodina together with territories along river Sava and Danube is flat and pure ag ricultural area . This region is the main source of agricultural products and biomass wastes as well, especially wastes of crop farming. However, wheat and corn production is present in hilly regions aswell, from the north to the south of Serbia. The agricultural biomass wastes are coming from cereals, mostly wheat, barley and corn, and from industrial crops mostly sun flower, soya, and rape seed. In addition, this is the region with many farms of live stock breed ing, where liquid manure is considered as bio mass waste. Fruit growing is also present in this agricultural area, but the main area of fruit growing is the hilly region on the south, where main types of fruit are plums, apples, cherries, peaches, and grapes.

Besides the agricultural area, Serbia be longs to countries relatively rich in forests. Territory of Serbia covers 88,360 km2, and about 30% is covered with forests, while about 55% of the territory is arable land. The forest area lies mainly on the south of Serbia, but also to the east and west from the central part of Serbia. In 14 out of 145 municipalities forests cover more than 45% of the territory. In next nine municipal i ties forests cover 40-45% of the territories. About two thirds of forests are property of state owned public companies, while one third of forests are privately owned. About half of all forests are pure deciduous tree forests, only 5% are pure coniferous tree forests, while the rest of about 45% are forests with mixed deciduous and coniferous trees. Main deciduous forest species are beech and oak, while spruce is the main species in conifers.

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