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Bosnia's Serb Republic Seeks Letters of Interest for Hydro Power Project

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Bosnia’s Serb Republic has invited investors to notify their interest in the role of a strategic partner in a local hydro power project, the Republic’s Energy Ministry said.

The deadline for the receipt of letters of interest is July 28, the ministry said in a public invitation published earlier this month.

In April, the Republic said it has defined the criteria and method for the selection of a strategic partner in the 500 million euro ($720 million) hydro power project.

The government plans to award a concession for the construction of four hydro power plants with a combined capacity of 237.89 megawatts (MW) on the Drina river to a joint venture company that will be established by the future partner with the Republic’s power utility EPS and a possible third party.

The future power plants – Buk Bjela, Foca, Paunci and Sutjeska – will harness the hydro potential of the upper stream of the Drina river, which forms most of the border demarcation between Bosnia and Serbia. Their combined electricity output is planned to reach some 800 gigawatthours (gWh) per year, the government said earlier.

Buk Bjela is planned to have an installed capacity of 114.64 megawatts and to produce an average of 370 GWh of electricity per year. The Foca power station will be designed with a capacity of 51.66 MW and an average annual output of 183.62 GWh. Paunci is expected to be a 36.64 MW facility with an annual output of 154.12 GWh, while the Sutjeska power station is planned to have a 34.95 MW capacity and annual output of 90.19 GWh.

The Serb Republic, traversed by Drina, is one of Bosnia’s two autonomous parts. The other is the Muslim-Croat Federation.

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