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Bulgaria seeks consultant for gas interconnection with Serbia

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Bulgaria has opened a tender to choose a consultant to carry a out the pre-feasibility study for the planned gas interconnection with Serbia, the Energy Ministry said on July 12 2011.

The construction of the stretch, proposed after the gas price dispute between Russia and Ukraine in early 2009, was intended to ensure more secure supplies.

The gas link will spread over 50km in Bulgaria and 100km in Serbia. The project is estimated at between 100 million euro and 120 million euro, of which 60 million to be allocated for the Bulgarian section of the pipeline under the Regional Development operational programme.

The winner in the tender will have to explore opportunities to build the 50km section of the pipeline on Bulgarian territory and to examine the technical, economic and environmental aspects of the project.

The deadline for submitting offers is August 29.

The pre-feasibility study will be funded with 2.5 million euro under the Regional Development operational programme and should be completed by October 2012, Regional Development Minister Rossen Plevneliev said.

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