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Business community in appeal over crisis

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PKS President Miloš Bugarin says the business associations were obligated to appeal to the Serbian government and other authorized institutions.

This is because of the problems regarding the second wave of economic crisis that can already be felt in Serbia, he explained.

The Serbian Chamber of Commerce (PKS), the Serbian Economists Association (SES) and leading domestic entrepreneurs on Tuesday appealed to the Serbian government, National Bank of Serbia (NBS), banks, and unions to reach consensus regarding the implementation of measures for overcoming the current economic crisis.

The economy is illiquid and indebted to banks at high interest rates which do not allow it to develop and operate normally, but rather only increase the level of illiquidity, Bugarin told Tanjug.

He added that unemployment is also one of the main problems of Serbia’s economy.

“That is why we requested from the Serbian government, NBS, commercial banks and businessmen to reach an agreement and find an adequate or mutually satisfactory solution, to reprogram loans that can hardly any economy could pay back now,” he pointed out.

In yesterday’s appeal, the Serbian business representatives requested from banks to reach an agreement with their clients on the reprogramming of loans, and cut interest rates to a level which would enable the growth of competitiveness for the Serbian economy.


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