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Business leaders of the Balkan region are seeking the opening of energy market

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The energy market in the countries of West Balkans must be liberalized in order to increase the economic development of the region, it was concluded the participants of Summit 100 business leaeders of South East Europe that was held on 7th October in Arandjelovac. Serbia still did not opened the market and the politics has the big role in energy sector

Vicepresident of energy company EFT, Mr.Milos Hamovic stated on the conference that Slovenia managed to open the energy market allowing the electricity purchase from different companies. As he explained, Serbia and Croatia when it comes to de-regulation of the energy market are still on the level of legal platform of liberalization.

The conference participants also stated that state policy has biggest influence on energy sector and that states should have clear position on resources usage in the region. The investments will simply go and enter where the conditions are suitable, and on the other hand politicians are on standing point that investments should be allowed in secondary resources, as it was explained by Mr.Miloloza the board member of the EFT

According to his statement, the politics is trying to buy the votes via social energy effect, by offering the consumers lower electricity prices and gas which is economically not sustainable.

He underlined the importance of Renewable energy sources usage because this region is rich with solar energy potentials.

The president of the Slovenian energy company Geoplin, Mr.Napast stated that the biggest mistake is that some countries are trying to maintain the market regulation because the decided to introduce the capitalism but not adjusted the economical policy. Speaking on gas as one the rare energy source having good market position in the region, Mr.Napast stated that in the future gas will be one of the perspective solutions in comparison with economy estimations.

The conference participants also proposed actions on reliable data collection for statistic purposes so they can be used for reliable projections and adjustments of energy policies. It was also discussed about shaping the national but also regional energy policy by 2050.

The electricity price in Serbia, even with new increases in price from april 2011, is lowest in EU markets. Now its 6,6 eurocents, while in EU the khw price was 9,7 eurocents as it was in Bulgaria and 26 cents in Denmark. Previous analysis shows that Serbia electricity price does not cover the costs of its production. New energy law projects steps and deadlines for market liberalization and price determination authority is transferred to Energy agency of Serbia.



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