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Candidacy and Accession Negotiations

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The European Commission’s positive  report on Republic of  Serbia’s  EU  candidate  status  and  prerequisites  for launching accession negotiations was published on the 12th October 2011, and  this  is an  important date  in  the history of democratic Serbia. This is not the beginning of the end of the European integration process, however it is certainly the end of its beginning. Candidate status opens many doors  including  those  to pre-accession  funds and
investments.  It  also  puts Serbia  in  a  better  position  in  terms  of  the  new  European  budget 2014 –  2020,  as  well  as  in  large-scale  infrastructure projects. The beginning of the negotiations will also mean the end of guessing the accession date or having  theoretical  debates  about  the  best  development format for Serbia. We are going to talk about the experiences of 27 nations and Serbia will have its social & historical heritage covered by 35 chapters which will reflect the reality  in  the society, and which range  from environmental  issues to  fighting corruption,  from education  to  tackling monopolies. We are going to have to sit down, study, negotiate and work.

Serbia,  its  citizens  and  administration, will  become  better after the process, even  if we are talking about our neighbours,  our  peers.  Europe  awaits  us  at  the  end  of  the  road, a  Europe  that  no  longer  harbours  any  illusions  about  itself.  Europe  where  strikes  are  no  longer  the  last,  but  the first  news,  a  Europe  that  is  battling  crisis  in  the  eurozone, a Europe where populism has been growing…This  is also  the Europe that will undergo reforms and show a true face of solidarity. The Copenhagen Criteria will not  scare Serbia  away. Fulfilling  the criteria means becoming a member of a “club”. Stability,  regional  cooperation,  economic  competitiveness, respecting human and minority  rights,  functional parliamentary democracy… These are the things that society agrees on.

There  are  also  prerequisites  that  pertain  to  the Belgrade-Priština dialogue. Our  approach has  always been  constructive, prudent and we have had concrete proposals. And despite everything that has happened, there is no reason for us not to continue  in the same way. That  is  in the best  interest of every single citizen that  lives in Kosovo and Metohija, regardless of their nationality, as well as  in the best  interest of resolving everyday life problems, including inherited ones, that stem from before the 1990s conflicts.Solution  has  to  be  found  through  negotiations,  and there  are  no  alternatives. Rest  assured  – Serbia will  not allow  for  this dialogue, which  is  currently  taking place  in Brussels, or subsequent  talks  to  fail. Brussels will not become the new Rambouillet. We are confident that Europe is giving us its undivided support along this road.

Today’s Serbia is adamant to turn its potential into capacity and its European perspective in reality. Our aim is for Serbia to become  the 30th member of  the European Union. The ball is in our court.



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