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Coal will remain 100 years of strategic energy

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The conference Is Serbian coal for new power plants, “ Assistant for mining at the Ministry of Environment, Physical Planning and Mining Dragosavljevic Ruben said that Serbia’s coal has ze whole century, and that this strategic mineral resources in Serbia.

Dragosavljevic said that Serbia has the highest coal reserves in Kosovo and Metohija 14 billion tons, the Kolubara around four billion in Kostolac about 1.5 billion tons, adding that the largest coal production in Kolubara 30 million tons annually, which is generated 75 percent of the total coal in Serbia, while in Kostolac is seven million tons.

He pointed out that the use of coal as a fuel in the world to rise because of recent disasters in the Japanese nuclear power and noted that the estimated coal reserves in the world around one billion tonnes.

Assistant Minister of Mines said that Serbia needs new investment in the mining sector and power plants, as well as a more realistic price of coal and electricity, which is the lowest in Europe, adding that he expects the Serbian Parliament in the autumn to adopt a strategy for the management of mineral resources, and that in June, could be adopted by the Energy Law.

At the meeting, among others, noted that EPS is planned by 2015. year to invest nine billion euros, four billion in revitalization and maintenance of existing facilities, and five billion in the construction of new plants.


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