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Conference "Mini hydro power plants – a great chance for Serbia"

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– Central European Forum for Development CEDEF, under the auspices of JP Power Industry of Serbia, with the support of the Ministry of Infrastructure and Energy and Energy Efficiency Agency of the Republic of Serbia, tomorrow Ivanjica organizing the conference “Mini-hydropower a great chance for Serbia, said the forum.

Of the total hydro potential of Serbia, including large hydro power plants (estimated at 17 billion kilowatt hours per year), EPS has used 60 percent.

Surveying the latest location for MHE have done more than 20 years the Institute for Water Resources Jaroslav Cherni and Energoprojekt, and it was found that in Serbia there are 856 locations where you can build mini-hydropower plants.

Recently in Serbia to 31 mini-hydropower plants, total capacity 34.6 MW, which annually produce about 150 million kilowatt hours, the statement said.


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