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Construction of first hydroelectric power plant on the Ibar starts in 2012

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Construction of the first two out of 10 hydroelectric power plants on the Ibar will kick off in 2012 – Petar Skundric, energy adviser to the Serbian Prime Minister, announced.

– The works should be completed in 2 or 2.5 years, and it is a joint project of the Electric Power Company of Serbia (EPS) and Italy’s Seci.

EPS and Seci has also formed a joint venture to implement projects on the Ibar river. The total installed capacity of projected power plants is 117 megawatts (MW), and the investment is worth between 330 and 350 million euros.

An agreement has been signed between EPS, Seci and the Electric Power Company of the Republic of Srpska (EPRS) on the formation of a joint venture that will be using the water potential in the middle reaches of the Drina river where 225 MW hydroelectric power plants are going to be built.



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