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Construction of South Stream could begin late in 2012

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The construction of the South Stream gas pipeline through Serbia could begin late in 2012 if the final investment decision on the project is made by the end of 2011, Director General of gas provider Srbijagas Dusan Bajatovic stated Thursday.

He announced that a daughter company for the South Stream gas pipeline project will soon be established in Serbia.

Bajatovic stated at a press conference that the total length of the pipeline through Serbia will be 400 kilometers, adding that its capacity will be slighly less than 40 billion cubic meters per year. He stressed that the estimated value for this section of the pipeline is EUR 1.38 billion.

According to Bajatovic, the parameters might even be a little higher. The pace of the South Stream gas pipeline project may not be as fast as the investors would want it to be, but the pipeline will certainly be built, just like the North Stream was built, Bajatovic underlined.


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