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Cvetkovic and Erdogan on improvement of cooperation

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Serbian and Turkish Prime Ministers Mirko Cvetkovic and Recep Tayyip Erdogan agreed in Istanbul on Thursday that two countries should continue to intensify contacts at the highest political level since that is also a signal for strengthening the economic relations.

“During the meeting, we voiced willingness to tackle concrete issues which have not been resolved yet. Here, I would mention improvements in economic cooperation, particularly in the domain of agriculture, including the export of certain agricultural produce that could prove interesting for us,” the prime minister told Tanjug.

Cvetkovic noted that the meeting also dealt with cooperation in the domain of infrastructure, namely participation of Turkish companies in building infrastructure facilities in Serbia.

The trade between two countries, which now amounts to USD 420 million on an annual level, should at one point reach USD 2-3 billion, the officials agreed at the meeting.

Apart from economic issues, the two prime ministers talked about the intensification of cultural cooperation, and bilateral agreements that would envisage foundation of the Serbian cultural centres in Turkey, and Turkish ones in Serbia.




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