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Energy for heating greenhouses and city – EUR 1 million for research of geothermal water potentials in Leskovac

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The City of Leskovac will invest EUR 1 million in a geothermal water research project. If it is determined that this renewable source of energy exists in that city, geothermal water will be used for heating greenhouses and maybe even the city.

The municipal administration is going to announce a tender for the research of geothermal energy potentials and the drilling of an exploitation-research well 1,500 meters deep on the territory of the Leskovac basin.

– Our aim is to determine the contents of soil and the quantity of minerals, as well as to confirm the potential of that energy. We plan to use geothermal water for heating greenhouses and, if possible, the city as well. What is also possible is the construction of a spa, which would, along with our current Artificial Insemination Clinic, make the medical offer of our area complete – Milorad Mladenovic, Leskovac assistant mayor, said in a statement for eKapija.

As it was announced earlier, the Faculty of Technology and companies Spektar from Cacak and Fortuna from Leskovac will prepare a project whose implementation should enable the transport of water from the source to greenhouses. The Ministry of Science and Technology Development has set aside RSD 2.5 million for this project, while another RSD 1.5 million have been provided by the local self-government.


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