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Energy Projects of Serbia and Italy

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Serbia and Italy are starting this year the construction of 10 hydro power plants on river of Ibar, announced the representatives of two states. Advisor to prime minister, Mr.Petar Skundric announces that two countries will sign new energy agreements on June forum.

The total value of the announced 10 hydro power plants is about 300 Mil euros, the construction is expected to start by end of this year of beginning of next year.

As for Middle Drina projects the preparation of project documentation and foundation of joint company will start soon as well as the agreement on milestones.

The value of hydro power plants on middle Drina river is more than 800 mil euros. It is planed to construct 3 hydro power plants with total power of 321 MW, annual production would be 1,2 bil KW of electricity.

It was also announced that contract between EPS and Edison for construction of new power plant Kolubara B will also be signed on June state forum.


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