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EPS as a closed join-stock company

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Electric power industry of Serbia (EPS) in the first quarter of the 2012th  should become a closed joint-stock company, which is a condition for divison of free shares to citizens, said in the public company.

As the EPS told reporters, the inventory and valuation of assets is necessary to determine the value of shares EPS,is in progress. The project, which works in cooperation with the Energoprojekt, should be completed by the end of this year. In the EPS didn’t want to state what is the last property valuation of the company.

According to the law on the division of free shares of public companies, the citizens of Serbia should get a 15 percent stake in EPS, but not yet determined what percentage of shares will receive current and former employees of the energy company.

Under the new law on energy, EPS by 1 October 2012th must complete transformation of the company and  separation of distribution from electricity supply in order to get ready for the opening of the market, which will commence on 1 January 2013th year.



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