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EPS is investing 80 million euros in low power

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Electric Power Industry of Serbia plans to modernize the 17 old and construction of 18 new small hydro power plants (MPP), the total power of 80 megawatts, invest about 80 million euros.

The first in a series being built HPP Prvonek Banjska the river, near Vranje, in which EPS will invest 1.4 million euros and will be put into operation in September. Prvonek will have two power units of 100 and 800 kilowatts and will produce 2.5 to three million kilowatt hours.

Nearly a third of annual production of EPS, which depends on hydrological conditions, comes from hydropower. It is ten to 12 billion kilowatthours of clean power. Estimates are that there is potential for the production of seven billion kilowatthours, of which even 1.8 billion kilowatthours could be obtained from the MPP explain in EPS.

Investment of 80 million euros will be secured from the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development of 45 million euros from its own funds. For money from the loan EPS is running 26 projects renovation of the existing 17 small HPPs and construction of nine small hydro on existing water-supply reservoirs.

Increasing the production of electricity from the MPP and the greater use of renewable energy sources is quite consistent with the obligations of current and future EU members to 2020. in total final consumption are 20 percent of energy from renewable sources to reduce emissions by 20 percent and increase energy efficiency by 20 percent say the Electric Power Industry.


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