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EPS to consider preliminary design for hydroelectric power plants on the Drina

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The Expert Council of the Electric Power Company of Serbia (EPS) should consider the preliminary design and the preliminary feasibility study for the construction of three hydroelectric power plants on the Drina river, of which total power should be 312 MW, the company’s Kilovat Sat magazine reports.

The total value of the investment is estimated at EUR 819 million, while the first phase of preparation of technical documentation is determined by an agreement that was signed in September 2010 between the Electric Power Company of Serbia and the Electric Power Company of the Republic of Srpska (ERS), reads the May issue of Kilovat Sat.

According to the preliminary design, of which author is Jaroslav Cerni Water Power Institute, three hydroelectric power plants with the annual production capacity of 1.2 billion kWh can be built on the Drina river, between hydroelectric power plants Bajina Basta and Zvornik.

These are hydroelectric power plants Dubravica – with the installed power of 87 MW, Tegare – 121 MW, and Rogacica – 113 MW. The preliminary feasibility study, along with the opinion of an independent auditor, should be first approved by EPS and then taken in consideration by the government audit commission in June.

Source EPS magazine Kwh

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