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Equipment for processing medical waste put into operation in General Hospital in Vrbas, Serbia

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Serbian Minister of Health Zoran Stankovic, Minister of Environment, Energy and Spatial Planning Oliver Dulic, Head of the EU in Serbia Vincent Degert and Chair of the Vojvodina government Bojan Pajtic released yesterday into operation the equipment for processing medical waste in the General Hospital in Vrbas.

Stankovic pointed out that the project is very important for all citizens because it prevents disease and infection.

Dulic also invited private hospitals and clinics to dispose of waste properly by using sterilisers that will soon be installed.

He announced that the next step will be addressing pharmacological waste, which is a major environmental problem.

Degert said that about 5,000 tonnes of hazardous medical waste is generated every year in Serbia.

For that reason the EU has provided 46 processing waste machines worth

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