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Equipment from Japan arrives at Fiat Factory in Kragujevac

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The Fiat Automobili Serbia factory announced on Nov. 8 that the first of the two production lines for its machine press plant — an investment worth around EUR100 million — had arrived in Kragujevac.

According to the statement, Japanese manufacturer Komatsu delivered the line of five automated presses, which belong to the latest generation used by the Fiat Group.

The equipment, weighing almost 3,000 tons, arrived from Japan by ship in 587 crates which occupied 6,500 square meters of cargo hold space. The ship set off from Japan two months ago and sailed via the Suez Canal to Constanta in Romania, from where the presses were delivered to Kragujevac.

The second Komatsu press line will arrive at the beginning of next year.

The project is going on according to plan, and the first test run is scheduled for the end of 2011, FIAT said.



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