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EU to give W. Balkans “lower-level membership”

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With “thorough changes within the EU”, it looks likely that the Western Balkans countries will join the organization as “lower-level members”, said reports.

According to Beta news agency’s article based on European diplomatic sources in Brussels, should Serbia, Montenegro, “and perhaps Macedonia” start their membership negotiations next year, it would take at least six to seven years before they “reach the EU door”.

By that time, said the diplomats, the EU itself will undoubtedly undergo changes leading to its new organization.

Meanwhile, the European Commission on Thursday in Brussels confirmed that this scenario was being considered, but noted that EC President Jose Manuel Barroso stated that separating EU members into different levels of integration would mean that the possibility of entry into the eurozone would be made very difficult.

Barroso also noted that this would represent “a direct economic blow to some members”.



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