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Exploitation of two gas wells started in Banatski Dvor

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The Petroleum Industry of Serbia (NIS) started exploiting two gas wells in Banatski Dvor today, the preparation of which cost RSD 150 million.

With these new wells in Torda Plitko gas field, the daily gas production will be increased by 80,000 cubic meters, while the annual production will grow by about 30 million cubic meters.

NIS CEO Kiril Kravcenko says he expects that company to triple the production within next ten years. NIS produced 1.25m tonnes of oil in 2010, over 30% more than in 2009. The company plans to produce 1.5m tonnes of that fuel in 2011.

NIS also started exploiting an oil well in Elemir oil field late last year and is expected to extract about 4,000 tonnes of oil from that well this year.

NIS has planned to set aside RSD 267 million in 2011 for the first phase of reconstruction of Elemir oil field.

Source NIS

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