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First phase of revitalization of units b1 and b2 on TENT B power plant

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Revitalization projects of units B1 and B2 at TENT B, were presented by Zoran Stojanovic, Director of the plant, pointing out that both will last 180 days. Major overhaul of the unit 1 is planned for 2012 and the revitalization of B2 during 2013.

This will, as he stated, contribute to service life extension of the units for 200.000 hours,increasing the degree of usefulness of the units, increasing the capacity, availability and reliability, and ultimately ecological modernization. The unit B1 was from the beginning (1983) 204.320 hours on the network and generated over 109 billion megawatt-hours of electricity, for which over 150 million tons of coal was spent.

Two years younger unit B2 (1985) spent 185.780 hours on the network generating over 98.5 million megawatt-hours of electricity during that time,spending over 136 million tons of coal for that production.Also, it has been estimated that the current availability of both units is 91 percent.

According to the explanation of Stojanovic, planned activities within the first phase of revitalization of the units B1 and B2 are similar but not identical. More significant and comprehensive operations are planned for boiler pipe system, replacement of certain parts (reheaters 1,2,3) with installation of additional ECO,DCS, reconstruction of the mills , replacement of MP and HP turbine rotor blades, improvement of pneumatic ash transport system, major overhaul of vital devices (crackers,luvo,channels…)…

Much more work will be done on the unit B1 because the second unit was in the major overhaul when the significant works were done on the aforementioned equipment, but also one of the largest works and that is the reconstruction of electrostatic precipitators. Accordingly,as Stojanovic stated, the costs of the first phase of revitalization of the unit B1 will be around EUR70 million, and slightly lower cost of around EUR60 million for the unit B2 which EPS will provide.




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