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Flue gas desulphurization project updates on TENT power plants

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Construction of flue gas desulphurization plant (FGD) at TPP „Nikola Tesla A and  B“ is the most expensive environmental project within EPS which should be implemented in the future six-year period. Agreement between the governements of Serbia and Japan provided a loan of EUR250 million, and the loan will primarily be used for the construction of FGD plant for four units (A3-A6), at TENT A, said Milan Petkovic, Manager of System Improvement at TENT, speaking  about this project at the 7th International Energy Fair.

From the necessary documents previous works have been done so far, i.e. Study on measuring the chlorine and fluorine content in flue gases, coal, ash and slag and Study on coal from OCM „Field E“ and Tamnava „West field“ from which the coal for Obrenovac thermal power plants will be transported. „Energoprojekt“ from Beograd is responsible for Conceptual design of this plant. According to Petkovic, it is necessary to do Feasibility studies, Study on environmental impact assessment, Study on  fire protection, review studies and in the end Main Design for building all these plants.

The application of wet limestone- gypsum process which has been so far mostly applied in the world. Its avantages are that the wet limestone is the cheapest absorbent, it is found in sufficient amounts in nature, and it is easy to manipulate. Gypsum as a final product of this process is usefull as an additive to cement, it is easy to store and to manipulate, it has euroquality and will be used in construction industry. The concentration of sulfur dioxide at the outlet of the plant should be in compliance with european standards- less than 200mg/m3. The supply of limestone shall be probably obtained from local sites, trucks and rail transport.

Preparatory works (conceptual design, request for site preparation permits …) and selection of consultants should be finished till the beginning of 2012. The selected contractor shall be known up to the first half of 2013 and in the second half of 2013 the construction of the plant whose completion is planned for the beginning of 2017 should start. After that starts the warranty period of two years in which everything contained in the project should be confirmed, said Milan Petkovic.

Source: TENT magazine



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