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German companies invested one and half billion euros in Serbia

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German companies have invested about 1.5 billion euros in Serbia and employ about 20,000 people, stated Serbian Chamber of Commerce (PKS).

As stated in the PKS, the major direct investments of German companies in Serbia are Hemofarm Stada’s purchased of 510 million euros, Metro retail chain investments of 165 million euros, Messer Tehnogas of 114 million euros, Henkel Merima Krusevac total investment into privatization and investing in the production of total 78 million euros.

The period of economic crisis did not affected inflow from Germany.  German investments in Serbia, are rated and listed in the PKS  as good examples. Reum in  factory for  producing car parts by 2012.  will employ about 350 workers, and  company in Kraljevo, german Medsorga will build a factory for recycling.

German companies, have a great potential for investment in infrastructure projects in Serbia, as well as a lot of interest and the inflow of investments into the Serbian economy in the auto parts industry, mining and energy, agriculture and environmental protection, it was stated in PKS.

Germany is still the most important foreign trade partner of Serbia within the European Union, said in the Chamber of Commerce in the first half of this year was the second largest amount of export of Serbian goods, as well as by the amount of imported goods.

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