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Germany tops Serbia’s exports, Russia imports

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Serbia’s top export partner in the first nine months of this year was Germany, where it exported USD 1.103 billion worth of goods, while the Russian Federation tops the import list with USD 1.88 billion, according to the data of the state statistical office.

After Germany, Serbia exported most to Italy (USD 1.012 billion) and Bosnia-Herzegovina (890.3 million).

When it comes to import, the Russian Federation is followed by Germany (USD 1.63 billion) and Italy (USD 1.27 billion).

The majority of the trade was done with the countries with which Serbia has free trade agreements. EU member countries account for over half of the total.

The second most important partner are CEFTA countries, with which Serbia recorded a surplus of USD 1.15 billion, thanks primarily to the export of agricultural products, iron and steel.

The biggest surplus was recorded in trade with Montenegro, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Macedonia and Albania.

The biggest deficit was seen in trade with the Russian Federation, due to import of oil and gas, followed by China, Germany and Hungary. The exchange with Italy is fairly balanced with an export import coverage ratio of 80 percent.


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