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Greece: Auction for 400 MW floating turbines expected in 2026

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The Greek energy ministry plans a second package of pilot offshore wind farms, featuring floating wind turbines instead of fixed-foundation turbines. The package should be developed by 2030 and could exceed 400 MW.

Contractors of these offshore wind farms will be determined through auctions. The energy ministry plans for these auctions to be staged in about three years, towards 2026, so that the pre-2030 completion target date for these projects can be achieved.

Successful participants will secure investment support for the development of their projects, while the ensuing pilot offshore wind farms will operate under a scheme offering guaranteed revenues for their electricity production.

As the development of these projects will be prioritized by authorities, they will be installed in an initial lot of sea areas to be fully licensed by EDEYEP, the Hellenic Hydrocarbons and Energy Resources Management Company, overseeing marine areas appropriate for such projects.

These pilot-project sea areas will be picked from a collection of marine zones to qualify for the development of a first wave of offshore wind farms, totalling 1.9 GW, by 2030, as projected in the National Energy and Climate Plan.

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