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Greece, Average price of ENEX DAM 272.7 euros per MWh in March

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The volume of trade on the Greek day-ahead market amounted to 5,417 GWh in March 2022, compared to 4,590 GWh in February, according to the monthly report of the ENEX exchange operator.

The average price on the day-ahead market increased by 29% on a monthly basis, to 272.68 euros per MWh in March.

The value of transactions on DAM increased from 989.2 million euros in February to 1,504.2 million euros in March.

When it comes to regional intraday auctions (CRIDA) covering three countries – Greece, Italy and Slovenia, the weighted average price was 274.09 euros per MWh (CRIDA 1), 272.01 euros per MWh (CRIDA 2) and 287 .02 euros per MWh (CRIDA 3).

The volume of trade was 70.09 GWh, 51.3 GWh and 32 GWh, respectively.


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