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Greece: Guarantees of Origin auction to be staged in January

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Greek RES market operator DAPEEP plans to stage first auction offering Renewable Energy Guarantees of Origin within the first two weeks of January 2024, according to energypress sources.

The forthcoming auction will come following months of preparations by DAPEEP. The effort will be completed with a link to the Greek Register of Guarantees of Origin with the corresponding European registers.

The Greek system’s link with the corresponding European system will establish a connection with all markets on the continent.

Two pending issues remain ahead of the inaugural auction. RAAEY, the Regulatory Authority for Waste, Energy and Water, needs to approve relevant regulations and the platform, almost ready, must be completed. Neither issue is expected to delay the operator’s plans.

Proceeds generated at Renewable Energy Guarantees of Origin auctions will be injected into the country’s RES special account as an additional source of revenue.

A relevant legislative revision was made in the summer of 2022 to facilitate the introduction of Renewable Energy Guarantees of Origin, designed to provide transparency to consumers on the proportion of electricity that suppliers source from renewable generation, required of all EU member states.

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