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Green house reduction and CDM opportunities

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Low energy prices, poor infrastructure management and high losses due to inefficient power generation, transmission and distribution systems have increased energy intensity in Serbia. This has created significant opportunities for undertaking GHG emission reduction projects, which could be good business opportunities for foreign investors which are planning to invest in the country. The project opportunities include in particular energy efficiency projects (in energy production, industry and building sector), a fuel shift towards low carbon fuels (introduction of natural gas and more renewables), and the modernization of current technology.

An additional analysis of each individual project would have to be undertaken to determine whether they have a chance for qualifying. Pre-feasibility studies would ensure the consistency of the estimates.

The overall legal framework in the country may also affect the development of CDM projects and the success of the DNA. Potential CDM investors will search for countries where the regulatory environment is most conducive to investment. As the political situation in Serbia is stable and toward EU membership, the country is becoming more attractive for foreign investors.

Furthermore, the Kyoto-implementation process is speeding up, with a DNA currently being implemented and the Kyoto-Protocol being ratified still this year.

The implementation of CDM projects in Serbia could significantly contribute to the modernization of the country’s existing economic structure.

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