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Green route to Brussels

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Environment minister Oliver Dulic  said on a panel on sustainable development in the framework of forum Serbia-Eu that in the past few years in the domestic industry of recycling and renewable energy sources opened 8000 jobs,and by the end of 2011th  in  the “green economy’’ will be employed a total of 10000 people.

-Only the production of biofuels in Serbia, could replace  needs about 2.5 million tons of oil, and we also have a high potential of wind energy, hydropower and other renewable energy sources – said Dulic.

“Green economy” means investment in energy efficiency, reducing emissions, replacing fossil fuels by renewable sources, and reducing production costs, with greater competitiveness and sustainable economic growth.

Dulic said that the concept of “green economy” and sustainable development is one of the key element of European integration of Western Balkan countries.

-My ministry policy gives enormous contribution to the process of joining the Serbia to EU, and according to recent research, of all reforms,  citizens of Serbia the most notice progress in this area. Praises are coming from the European Commission in each regular report – the minister added.



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