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Hungary: Day-ahead gas price amounted to 39.5 euros per MWh on Sunday

, SEE Energy News

The average weighted price of natural gas on the day-ahead market of regional gas exchange CEEGEX on Sunday, December 3, amounted to 39.52 euros per MWh. During the working week spot gas prices amounted from 41.9 to 44.9 euros per MWh.

On the CEEGEX within-day market, the last transactions were recorded on December 2 and the price amounted to 41.2 euros per MWh.

January futures on the TTF gas hub increased by 0.8% on Friday to 43.88 euros per MWh, while the price for the first quarter of 2024 was 44.175 euros per MWh. CAL 24 reached 44.315 euros per MWh.  

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