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Jasna Matic: Progress in telecommunications, information society made

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State Secretary for Digital Agenda of the Ministry of Culture, Information and Information Society Jasna Matic announced today that Serbia and the European Commission will sign a programme for the security on the internet on 30 November.

Opening the 19th telecommunications forum “Telfor 2011” Matic stated that the programme relates primarily to the protection of children.

The sector of telecommunications and information society in Serbia in the last four years has made progress and this area has been harmonised with EU standards, she said.

The telecommunications market has been liberalised and the development of broadband internet has been initiated.

Matic said that the period from 2008 to 2011 saw a 100% in the use of broadband internet.

Now each school has its computer cabinet, in which we invested around €13 million, she said noting that 30,000 jobs were created.

She pointed out that €6 million from the “Hellenic Plan” were used for the construction of optical networks within the AMRES project that will link academic institutions.

Matic also said that in the project of digitalising television signal in Serbia is underway.



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