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Karoly Lajko:

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OMV is celebrating its 10 year anniversary in Serbia in June this year.

After 10 years of presence on the Serbian market, OMV became one the top 10 Greenfield investors with investments exceeding 140 million Euros and achieved a market share of 17%. OMV also became well-known for the high quality products and services it offers on its filling stations and for being an innovator on the Serbian market.

“During these ten years OMV Serbia realized many targets and is now approaching its main goal which is achieving a 20% market share. We are also one of the largests Greenfield investor in Serbia with investments exceeding 140 million Euros to date.

Moreover, we indirectly employ around 1,300 people through our network of 59 filling stations. We are very proud of these achievements” said on this occasion OMV Serbia General Manager Karoly Lajko, who in January 2011 became the fourth manager to head OMV Serbia.

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