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Kolubara Mines Company invited into European project Intowood

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Deputy Director of Kolubara mines Company Mr.Vladan Radovanovic received on 23 th of august the delegation from German region North Westphalia represented by Mr.Volker Holtkamper, assistant of director in Institute for forests and Mr. Rainhart Hessel, representative of public company Westphalia forests. Meeting was also attended by a representative from Serbia Forest faculty and institute.

The meeting included the talks on Kolubara participation in big European project „ Intowood”, which includes state sector companies, private companies and scientific insitututions. Beside German region also regions from Switzerland are included but also regions from Austria, Slovakia and Ukraine. The goal of the project is the forestation of surfaces in industrial and mining areas and to produce biomass as alternative energy source.

In the future we will need more biomass, so we are very interested to hear more on the experiences of Kolubara on their plans for biological recovery of surface coal pits, stated Mr.Holtkamper.

Delegation from Germany also stated that by involving Kolubara into Intowood project their aim is to promote better cooperation in the area of natural resources in Europe.

Representatives of Kolubara mines Company expressed their expectation on cooperation invitation and stated that the project should bring economical benefits for all sides.

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